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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

CHARGE! Watch the first installment of the season from Salmon Freeski TV

Wowy, wow, wow, wow FPV Drone to the max!

Salomon Freeski has figured out a magic formula... combine a World-class drone operator with the likes of Cody Townsend, Alexi Godbout, Stan Rey, Chris Rubens, and Jordan Temkin. Oh, and add in the fact that this was shot exclusively at the legendary Chatter Creek and the result is the heart-racing, stoked-building experience that makes you want to charge hard every day all day. Check it out and enjoy. Charge!

First POW of the season at Big Red Catskiing

BC got a surprise September storm cycle and the stoke is high!

First POW of the season at Big Red Catskiing

We had 4 days of Fall here in Canada before the snow hit. And hit it did! Kieren at Big Red Cats was so stoked he and his daughter headed up into their tenure to check it out. From their video the reported around 40 cms near the base of their operation and a guestimate of over half a meter up top! Click the link to see the video...

fisrt snow at big red catskiing 2019

Winter 2019-2020 Predictions... It's going to be HUGE!

We know and we have science to back it up

Winter 2019-2020 Predictions... It's going to be HUGE!

A Big Winter is just around the corner. We know because we are seeing the tell tale signs. Big pine cones up high, thick berry bushes, an abundance of alpine wildflowers, Johnny's hair is flowing wildly...

Are you seeing any of the signs? Here are 21 Signs of a big Winter is in store according to very scientific folklore:

  1. Thicker-Than-Normal Corn Husks.
  2. Woodpeckers Sharing a Tree.
  3. The Early Arrival of the Snowy owl.
  4. The Early Departure of Geese and Ducks.
  5. The Early Migration of the Monarch butterfly.
  6. Thick Hair on the Nape of a Cow’s Neck.
  7. Heavy and Numerous Fogs During August.
  8. Raccoons With Thick Tails and Bright Bands.
  9. Mice Chewing Furiously To Get Into Your Home.
  10. The Early Arrival of Crickets on the Hearth.
  11. Spiders Spinning Larger-Than-Usual Webs and
  12. Spiders entering the House in Great Numbers.
  13. Pigs Gathering Sticks.
  14. Ants Marching in a Line Rather Than Meandering
  15. Early Seclusion of Bees Within the Hive.
  16. Unusual Abundance of Acorns.
  17. Muskrats Burrowing Holes High on the River Bank.
  18. “See how high the hornet’s nest, ‘twill tell how high the snow will rest.”
  19. The Size of the Orange Band on the Woollybear (or Woollyworm) Caterpillar. According to folklore, if the caterpillar’s orange band is narrow, the winter will be snowy; conversely, a wide orange band means a mild winter. All black caterpillars are not Woollybears. And fuzzier-than-normal woollybear caterpillars are said to mean that winter will be very cold.
  20. Squirrels Gathering Nuts Early to Fortify Against a Hard Winter.
  21. Frequent Halos or Rings Around the Sun or 22. Moon Forecasts Numerous Snowfalls.

So if you see pigs gathering sticks...get your skis out!

When Skiing is Life

Who else can relate to this?

When Skiing is Life

With the season around the corner it is important that your loved ones are prepared. Powder is the most addictive of all drugs. When it is a snowin' we are a goin'!

Winter is coming friends...

New Ski Hotel to Open in Rossland - The Josie Hotel

A new place to stay and recharge after a day shredding Kootenay pow!

New Ski Hotel to Open in Rossland - The Josie Hotel

After skiing pillows all day you ca rest your head on some fresh pillows at night! Rossland has a new addition opening this November - The Josie Hotel. Located at the base of Red Mountain and just steps from the offices of our friends at Big Red Cats. It is going to be great to have another option in the iconic ski town of Rossland BC where tuckered out skiers can get a good nights rest with dreams of fluffy pow to ski the next day!

Here is the official news release with all the juicy details:


Boutique Accommodations Meet Authentic - Red Mountain Adventure at The Josie

Rossland BC Canada - The Josie Hotel (The Josie), a Noble House Hotels & Resorts property in partnership with William Cole Companies, is set to open its doors on November 28, 2018, transforming Rossland into one of North America's major ski destinations. Located in Rossland, British Columbia, The Josie is the region's first boutique hotel of its kind and a true ski-in, ski-out property, providing luxury accommodation and an authentic mountain experience, just a few convenient steps from RED Mountain Resort's (RED) slopes.

The new destination hotel, named after one of the town's most notable mines, the Josie Mine, is situated at the base of RED, and the first stop along Canada's world-renowned Powder Highway, in the heart of the West Kootenays. Contemporary in its design, amenities and culinary philosophy, The Josie's 106 stylishly-appointed one-bedroom suites, guest rooms and studio suites offer luxurious bedding, spacious bathrooms and relaxing lounge areas, with all rooms boasting unrivalled vistas of RED and the surrounding Rossland range.


With Chef Marc-André Coquette at the helm, The Josie's full-service dining establishment, The Velvet Restaurant and Lounge (The Velvet), will represent the first gastronomic offering of its kind in both Rossland and the West Kootenay region. With a focus on exciting, locally-inspired craft cooking, the culinary team is working with a dedicated community of local suppliers, farmers, producers and vineyards. Welcoming hotel guests and locals alike, the menu houses a subtle French influence and offers a diverse range of dishes, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Leisure and Locale

The Josie's surroundings are a mecca for adventure, with RED boasting nearly 2,877 acres of pristine, unfettered terrain. Throughout winter, the hotel's prime location offers guests unprecedented access to cat skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, cross country skiing, curling, ice skating and hockey. RED was recently named as one of the best places in the world to visit by The NY Times and was also listed within the Top 20 resorts in North America for skiable terrain. The Josie will be equipped with a dedicated ski concierge, providing in-depth, local knowledge to guide guests through that 'epic day', taking advantage of RED's average annual snowfall of over 7.6 meters. Summer outdoor enthusiasts can experience Rossland's scenic hiking, fly fishing and lake fishing, horseback riding and mountain biking on more than 200 kilometres of perfectly maintained trails.

Spa and Wellness

Guests seeking a relaxing escape, or some post-adventure pampering, can unwind in the hotel's intimate spa and enjoy a curated menu of sensorial wellness treatments. The hotel's premier fitness facility will offer cardio and strength-training equipment. A mountainside pool will join the luxury amenities in 2019.

Meetings and Events

A prime spot for both the community, and visitors, to connect, The Josie encompasses more than 1,500 sq. ft. of unique venue space. Developed to accommodate corporate and social events, from small meetings to large conferences, family reunions, weddings, holiday parties and private gatherings, the hotel also offers an adjoining terrace for al fresco events.

"Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, people visit Rossland to escape life's fast pace and surroundings", says Mark Bell, General Manager of The Josie. "We are thrilled to be opening our doors to the people of Rossland, and we look forward to welcoming our visitors. The Josie was built to offer the region's first luxury, boutique accommodation, while capturing the warm, spirited, hospitable and adventurous personality of the town. We feel privileged to be a part of Rossland's growth as a unique Canadian destination."

To meet The Josie, please visit and follow @thejosiehotel. For more information on RED Mountain Resort and its year-round offerings, please visit

WATCH: Level 1 Zig Zag Trailer

Sometimes you get the shot, sometimes you don't

The reality is, sometimes you hit the storm right, sometimes you don't. Someitmes you get the shot, other times you forget to put memory in the camera. Sometimes you should have zigged instead of zagged. Whatever it is, this video aims to prove that you should just go skiing. Level 1 presents Zig Zag. Enjoy.

WATCH: A Tribute to Warren Miller

Oct 15, 1924 - Jan 24, 2018

Warren Miller was one of a kind. He had a goal from that first day he set up camp in the Sun Valley parking lot: to share his passion for skiing with the World. This quote sums it up nicely:

“The best place in the world to ski is where you’re skiing that day.”

We all grew up watching Warren Miller films. Like countless other skiers, the release of his new annual film signified the official begining of the season. The stoke in the crowd was always palpable. I recall meeting the man himself one November at a show in Vancouver BC. He introduced the show, spoke at his iconic 'Intermissions' and took the time to meet and chat with fans after the show. He signed my book and I checked 'Meet Warren Miller' off my ski bucket list.

The first Warren Miller movie I ever saw was Steep and Deep. I would have been around 8 years old and really deepening my love of skiing. I have parents who promoted the sport and me doing it which makes me one of the luckiest kids on the planet. I watched Steep and Deep countless times. Seeing people drop cliffs in exotic places, laughing at the bloopers and then seeing those two guys jump off the skids of a helicopter...I was in! This was the life for me.

In looking around the web for info on Warren Miller's life, I came across this quote about skiing with your kids:

Exactly one day in your like your kid will ski as good as you do. The next day, he'll ski better than you.

I am at that stage now in my skiing life. Teaching my kids how to ski. They are only 4 and 2 right now but it won't be long before the above quote becomes a reality. And I can't wait for it!

Last Christmas I got Warren Miller's latest book: Freedom Found as a gift from my wife. It is an amazing account of a remarkable life lived with a single focus and desire to share one's passion with as many people as he could. I am not sure if it was Warren Miller who said it or not, but:

The World would be a much happier place if more people found the freedom of sliding down a mountain on a pair of skis

It sounds like something he would say. You will be missed Warren but you sure left your mark and will not be forgotten.

Friends on a Powder Day at Island Lake Lodge Catskiing

Yes, yes, YES!

Oh my goodness this is so rad! The North Face crew were up at Island Lake Lodge Catskiing in the dwindling days of 2017. What they experienced must have been wild. The snow started to pount BC before Christmas and didn't really let up. As you can see in this edit, they were at the right place at the right time!

Friends on a Pow Day... love it.

Island Lake Catskiing