A Skier's Journey - Trailer for the Final Season

Don't miss this final season of powerful imagery and storytelling

A Skier's Journey is producing one final season of their web series. Jordan Manley and his cast of many adventurous skiers have shown us the world through the eyes and hearts of skiers. What a great trip its been and we can't wait for this final season to start.

If you aren't familiar with the films, be sure to check them out here: www.askiersjourney.com

Supervention 2 - Trailer

The first one was great. Number 2 looks even better.

For those of you that caught Supervention last season, it was a fresh look at ski movies. Mainly because it wasn't in English! It was a story of Norwegian skiers coming together and travailing in their country and beyond. They even stop by Canada for a little deep BC pow catskiing.

Check it out and enjoy.

The Legend that is Craig Kelly

Watch this Warren Miller tribute to the man who shaped snowboarding

Craig Kelly was many things. He was a World Cup Champion several times over. He was one of the pioneers of snowboarding. He was behind the designs of some of Burton's most famous boards. He shocked the world when he gave up million dollar deals to search for the most inspiring freeriding lines. But to me, Craig Kelly was a guy who had a deep love for his sport. A guy who seemed humble yet extremely driven.

I never met Craig but felt his loss like many others in the snow sports world. The funny thing is, I am not even a snowboarder. I was one of those guys who always dis'd snowboarders and didn't like what they did to the ski hills. I didn't see Craig as just a snowboarder. More of a freerider which I guess was his point. And he had this thing about him. As Warren Miller puts it:

"To watch you on a snowboard was an inspiration to all of us"

Craig Kelly's influence even touched the catskiing realm. Craig was part owner and member of the board at Island Lake Catskiing. He is part of an alumni that includes skiing legend Scot Schmidt. Craig is also honoured with a memorial at Baldface Lodge. Even though Craig Kelly passed in 2003, I can't go through a season without someone having a conversation with me about him. He was a unique individual who left us too soon but definitely left his mark.

Thanks for the inspiration Craig. 

Win a 4 Day Trip to Red Mountain Including 1 Day of Catskiing at Big Red Cats

You and your best friend will shred some epic Kootenay Pow

Win a 4 Day Trip to Red Mountain Including 1 Day of Catskiing at Big Red Cats

RED Mountain Resort, the iconic little hardcore mountain in the Kootenay region in BC is having a contest. One where you and your best rippin friend can WIN some skiing, accommodation, a day Catskiing with Big Red Catskiing and even a car rental. Check out the details below:

Enter to Win an Epic 4 Night Trip to RED Mountain Resort in Rossland, BC This Winter For You and a Friend!

  • 2 Days Skiing/Snowboarding at RED Mountain Resort
  • 1 Day Cat Skiing with Big Red Cats
  • 4 nights in a Slopeside Luxury Condo + Private Hot Tub
  • Complimentary Car Rental from Spokane International Airport (GEG) (if flying within U.S.)



Catskiing in Niseko Japan

Maybe they want to do a foreign exchange...

I know this site is called Catskiing Canada and that this video is from Japan, but you have to check out this video. If for nothing else that riding around in that sweet vintage cat and shredding deep dry powder.

Canada is the epicentre for all things catskiing. Heck, it was the birthplace of the sport. But I love seeing how the awareness of Japan's ski culture is exploding and now we are seeing growth in the Japanese Cat Skiing industry.

I think it is time for an exchange program :)

First Snow Fall of the Season!

Revelstoke Mountain Resort gets it's first dusting of the white gold.

First Snow Fall of the Season!

Winter is Coming...

This pic was captured at the top of Revelstoke Mountain Resort on August 22nd. Is is a harbinger of the season to come? A canary in the coal mine of seasons? With all the talk of an epic winter storm cycle brewing for this upcoming season, images like this are exciting to see but painful when the skier in me realizes that Winter is still far on the horizon. But we take solace in the truth that it is always snowing somewhere and...Winter is coming.

2016-17 Farmers Almanac predicts a colder and snowier BC!

Was this year's Almanac authored by skiers?

2016-17 Farmers Almanac predicts a colder and snowier BC!

Farmers across North America are toiling over the latest edition of the much revered and hottly contested Farmer's Almanac. They debate it's accuracy, tout facts of years gone by and start planning for the harvest to come. Much of the same activity is done by skiers when this hallowed book is released.

You see, this time of year, skiers have had enough of summer. Memories of the past season are starting to go stale. We are inundated with ski movie trailer after ski movie trailer. We are ready for any news that will give us a glimpse of what the next season will bring. So naturally, we look to farmers. Seriously, who wouldn't trust the farmer pictured above?

So here it is, the publication that we will hang on to until the snow starts to fall. The 2016-17 Extened Forecast from The Farmer's Almanac:

BC Farmer's Almanac 2016-17

farmer 2594